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January 10, 2017 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

7 Hot New Bows For 2016

Whats New For Bows Come Along And See!!

Yes I know it isn’t 2016 any more but 2017 is just beginning so not much news for the moment.  When there is I will bring the new 2017 buzz.

For now these are the new and up coming bows for all to see. I know you will probably say my old one is doing just fine well it probably will, but checking out what is new is never a bad idea, it may make you next hunt a lot more successful and fun.

So keep an open mind when you are checking them out.  Who knows if you get a new one it may entice you to do more practicing.  Shooting with a bow that is both more accurate and fun does wonders for your confidence.

If you are looking for an upgrade for the coming season these seven bows are not likely to disappoint you.  New and updated bows will make you more confident and lethal on your next fall hunt.  It may seem early but the time is flying by,before you know it, it will be hunting season again.

Here is the List of the Top 7- Check them out…

Bear Archery | BR33  the new BR33, which sports the EAZ Hybrid-cam system that feels like a single-cam throughout the draw but is capable of dual-cam arrow speeds to the tune of 330fps. The BR33 weighs 4.2 pounds, measures a shade over 33 inches between axles and is available in draw weights of 45 to 60, and 55 to 70 pounds.


Bowtech | The Legend This bow happens to be a 32-inch, 4.2-pound bow that can generate arrow speeds of 343 fps and KE measurements of over 91 foot pounds. It is also loaded with BOWTECH technologies like Over Drive Binary Cams, Center Pivot Extreme, and FLX-Guard, which eliminates riser torque.  This bow has been out since July so it is pretty new.


Bowtech/ the Legend bows




Elite | Impulse 31 you could certainly kill more than just deer with this bow, it belongs in a tree stand thanks to the two-cam IM31 Cam System that not only produces arrow speeds up to the mid-340s, but also contributes to a draw cycle that is seriously smooth. Peak weights of 40 to 80 pounds.


Elite / Impulse 31 bows




Hoyt | Carbon Defiant 34 This bow tips the scales at 3.8 pounds, which is pretty feathery when you’re talking a 34-inch axle-to-axle hunting rig. The DFX Cam & 1/2 system, in conjunction with UlfraFlex limbs and Zero Torque Cable Guard all work together to create a smooth draw, solid back wall, and top-end arrow speeds of 325fps.


Hoyt / Carbon Defiant 34 bows




Mathews | Halon 6 This bow is inspired by the NO CAM technology and utilizes the unique Crosscentric Cam to ensure that the new 4.55-pound bow is highly accurate and tunable. It’s also capable of firing arrows well beyond 350fps. You can choose from 40 to 70 pound peak draw weights and draw lengths from 25 to 31 inches.


Mathews / Halon 6 bows





Prime | Rize – The 4.3-pound Rize, is a 33-inch tall aluminum-risered rig that can produce chronograph readings up to 335fps. A 6.75-inch brace height ensures your shoulders will stay healthy while shooting the Rize, which is offered in draw lengths ranging from 26 to 30 inches and draw weights ranging from 40 to 70 pounds.


Prime / Rize




PSE | Carbon Air PSE True Carbon Technology allowed engineers the opportunity to create a 32-inch bow that weighs just over three pounds. The engine behind this bow is the PSE HD hybrid cam system, which delivers arrows downrange at speeds up to 340fps. The Carbon Air features an 80-percent let-off, and is available in peak weights up to 70 pounds.
PSE/ Carbon Air Bow




Hope you have a great time checking out some of these great new bows. Most of the connections are to the home pages of the people that produce the bows.  It gives you a fairly good run down on all aspects of each bow.

If you want to check out all the other different bows and accessories . Here is a Link to Amazon.

We are an affiliate for  them.  We thank you in advance if you purchase anything through this site on Amazon.

 We do not get any monetary means from any of the other links that we have connected you to. It is for your information and interest only. Hopefully we can help with your decision no matter what you choose.



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