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September 3, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

A Traditional Blast !

Bow Hunting The Old Fashioned Way !

I have hunted many years for black bear and always thought it was very exciting. So I thought that it would be an experience to try something new.

I heard about hunting bear with a traditional bow instead of a compound bow so I was definitely up for the task. Thinking of how exciting it would be.

The traditional bow is different from  a compound bow because when you draw back it gets harder the further back you go to get the shot ready.

With a compound bow when you pull back the string it is hard to pull back and harder the further you go , but there is a point where it all of a sudden becomes easier.

This means that you can shoot longer and with more accuracy with your compound bow then with a traditional bow.

I’m all about trying a new way of bow hunting that is different and challenging.

Check this out…

Traditional Bowhunting: First Black Bear of 2015

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