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Albino Moose Have You Seen One?

Albino Moose Do You Have Them In Your Area?

I have seen Albino Moose, we have three in our area and have been lucky enough to have seen them quite a few times.

One of them is totally white the other two have a few black patches on their hind end.

No one has shot them they feel that they are special and without being legally protected people just do.

The local Natives look at them as a sacred. We have been told that if you are privileged enough to see one that it will bring you good luck.  So I guess we have a lot of good luck coming our way.

Where we live they live about a five mile drive away.  They have been seen hanging around that area for years. That is how we have been lucky enough to see them.  It’s usually in the late evening when we are driving home.

There are all kinds of albino animals, almost every different species has them. Some of you may wonder how they can become albino so here is a definition.

Albinism is a condition caused by the organism’s body not being able to  produce a pigment known as Melanin. Melanin creates the normal pigmentation in an animal’s feathers, fur, skin or scales: a lack of melanin generally results in the animal looking bleached all over, appearing white or pink.

albino moose

two albino moose calves

If you ever have the privilege of seeing an albino animal of any kind it is quite the experience.  One that you won’t soon forget.

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