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Arrowheads The Different Kinds!

Which Arrowheads Are The Best Modern Or Ancient ?

Testing the arrowheads to see how it preforms next to our modern technology.  These forms of arrowheads have been used for centuries and quite successful.  If they weren’t successful the people who used them would have figured out a better way.

All the old artifacts kind of tells us of the different sizes and shapes of the arrowheads that have been working for a wide range of people in a wide range of countries. The old arrowheads have been made out of all different kinds of materials I have seen them made out of flint, quartz, agate and other forms of rock. My grandfather found a hatchet head when he was clearing his farm in the early 20’s it was made out of flint.

The old way probably does not out shot the modern materials, we have come a long way in reinventing the old.  We have materials at our disposal that wasn’t even in the imagination .  And each year they are coming up with more different materials that out do what is already there. I think they call this progress.

So check out the results of this experiment it is very enlightening and kind of cool.  Maybe more of us will attempt to go old school and see how it works.

making  glass arrowheads

making  glass arrowheads

 glass arrowheads

 glass arrowheads

glass arrowheads and a modern arrowhead

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