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Best Tree Stands For This Year!

Getting The Best Tree Stand For Your Hunt!

Tree stands provide a good vantage point for seeing all that you need to see in the surrounding bush.  It also keeps you above the sight line of the animal.  You have a significant advantage over the game that you are hunting.  Another important factor is that your scent is not easily detected. Although you should make sure that you have scentless clothes on.

Safety is the most important part of picking your tree stand but it should be comfortable and fairly easy to assemble.

There are generally three kinds of tree stands:

Fixed tree stands is the original design- they are a hang-on platform with a seat attached.  It is attached to the tree with a strap or chain.  They are light and can be put on almost any tree.
Fixed tree stand

Climbing tree stands come with a top part to sit on and a bottom part for the legs to rest on. They weight around 30 pounds.  They are a little hard to get used to but it will come with practice.
climbing tree stand

Ladder tree stands  are, as the name implies, built with a ladder that is generally around 15 feet tall.  A platform and a seat are built into the top of the ladder. It rests against a tree and is attached to it at the platform and about halfway up the ladder.  They are great and easy to use because you can virtually sit anywhere you can find a tree.
ladder tree stand

So there are your three types of stands for you to choose from.  Remember safety first and then getting the one that is comfortable and exactly what you are looking for next.

These are more of the higher end tree stands there is every price of tree stands from cheaper to very expensive.  So there is one for every budget.

It’s Holiday Time everyone. List’s are starting to be made and Santa’s is getting things started. Only a little over a month to go.

Tree stand Merry Christmas


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