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January 29, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting- Choosing Your Bow!

How To Choose The Right Bow For What You Are Hunting!

When picking your bow for bow hunting you have to find the right one that will suit most of your needs. Weight and speed have to be factored in.

Do you need a right-hand or left hand bow? A right handed bow is held in the left hand and drawn back with the right hand.  A left handed bow is held in the right and and drawn back with the left hand.

What draw weight would you like? A bows weight come in 10 pound increments. Some bows have more choices, but typically you will choose between 40–50#, 50-60# or 60-70#.

What draw weight would you prefer ? When you setup and tune your bow it should be adjusted for the precise weight that you want. Some people prefer to start out low and work up to a heavier draw weight.

What draw length do you require? If you already know your draw length that’s great, if not determine your arm span in inches. Stand with your arms outstretched , palms forward, don’t stretch when measuring be natural.  Get someone to measure you from the tip of your middle finger to the other.  Divide by 2.5, that will be you approximate draw length.

What let-off setting do you prefer? The draw weight of a compound bow decreases at the end of the drawstroke.  This is known as let-off. You bow can come with either a choice of high or low settings.  It can be set for you to the let-off you desire.




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