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Elk Hunting Coastal Range Of Oregon!

January 2, 2017 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Tips For The Best Shots!

Bow Hunting – How To Get To Be A Great Shot!

When you are bow hunting your shot placement is of utmost importance.  Wounding the animal is not an option.  So you need to know where to shoot the animal for the optimal effect.

You have to study the anatomy of the animals that you are hunting and take into consideration the direction that you will be shooting from.

If  you hunt from a tree stand you should practice from a tree stand so that you get good at hitting the animal from that direction.  If you hunt from ground cover then that is where you should practice from.  Practice is the name of the game if you want to get good and have good results. Make sure that your practice conditions are somewhat the same as they would be if you were actually hunting.

You will see with this deer target in the video where all the organ placements are.  When you shot you can see what damage that your arrow has done. That is why you need a good target that you can get an idea of where the most damage can be done.

This is the time of year to keep up your practicing, then you are ready for the up and coming season.

bow hunting target

bow hunting target

bow hunting target

This is a great video to show where the arrow hits.  So any adjustments that need to be made you can make before the actual hunt.

Where to Shoot a Deer While Bowhunting

Video by: Deer Hunting

Here is the type of target that you need !!

Delta Archers Choice 3D Target

deer target for bow hunting

If you are on a limited budget there are other targets that will help with your accuracy.

Life Size Deer Vitals – Gun & Bow Paper Hunting Shooting Targets 15×19 Inches

The one thing I do know when it comes to hunting . You have to hit what you are shooting at. So you need to Practice thats the bottom line.

Happy New Year  everyone!!!   Happy Practicing !!!

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