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June 15, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Tips For The Beginner!

Bow Hunting Beginners Have To Start Somewhere!

Where to started for bow hunting well with your bow.  Get a experienced person to help fit you with the bow that is right for you.  Once that is done, it is practice time. You have to become proficient with your bow.  There is no point in going out bow hunting if you can’t hit your target.  You do not want to chance wounding the animal.

After you have finished with your bow it’s time for the clothes.  You need to get the appropriate camo and the right kind for the weather that you will be hunting in.  You will need a combination of warm weather and cold weather clothes.

Then are you going to hunt from the ground or are you going to try treestand bow hunting. That is a personal decision although they say that treestand hunting gives you an edge in getting the game that you are going for.

Also you have to make sure that the animals cannot smell you there are products that you can use to disguise your scent.

So it’s time to get started.


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