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Bow Hunting For Rhino’s!

February 9, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Tips!

Tips For Making Your Shooting Better Come Bow Hunting Season!

 Not only is he giving tips on your bow hunting skills, he gives you some good advice on equipment that will make your life easier and on looking after all your bow.

He explains what kind of targets that you can get for practice shots and how to set them up so that you don’t loose arrows from missing an disappearing. That means a real good back drop to save your arrows.

Also the importance of having you bow set up properly for you and your strengths. If you bow is not set up properly nothing will go right for you and frustration will set in very fast. The importance of getting your strength up so that you can pull back with out putting to much pressure on yourself so that you shot is accurate. Sometimes if you are not ready you will be shaky and make a bad shot.

Most of all learn to relax and let the bow do most of the work.



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