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Bow Hunting Elk In Colorado!

April 1, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting World Record Hog!

Bow Hunting In The South Pacific For Wild Hog!

Pigman is off to the South Pacific to try his luck out at bow hunting for a world record hog. He is at farm in the middle of the New Zealand rain forest.

Captain Cook introduced pigs to New Zealand in the 1770’s.  At the time it was a welcome food source and over time a staple in their diet. Now wild pigs have become quite populous and can be destructive to the native forests and farming.  So they are actively managing the balance of sustaining a natural food source and protecting the native forests.

Recommended gear for bow  hunting hogs:

  • A bow that your are comfortable with and can shoot with great accuracy
  • Use  heavier then normal arrow that you would use for thick skinned game. Hogs can be tough to penetrate and have small kill zones.
  • Arrow- a fixed blade broadhead.
  • Scent elimination product- this will make a huge difference. Hogs have terrific smeller. Also staying on the right side of the wind.
  • Also a Thermacell Unit in certain locations.

When shooting a hog especially when you are bow hunting you must remember that pigs develop a buildup of cartilage behind their shoulders to protect them during fights with other boars. On big or smaller boars the best shot opportunity is while it is quartering away. Place your sight on the opposite shoulder and your boradhead will hit the chest cavity.




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