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August 18, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Broadhead Testing !

Testing Broadhead  To See How Well They Do In Different Situations!

Using cow bones as the test subject to see how the broadhead test turn out. Each test was different from the other, the conclusion very interesting.

They are testing these different broadheads:

  • Gravedigger
  • Wac’em Exit
  • Trophy Taker A-TAC
  • Wasp BOSS
  • Slicktrick
  • SLI
  • ViperTrick

 An important part of bow tuning is checking the weight and straightness of you arrows. Each time you screw a broadhead into the arrow’s insert, there’s a possibility it will seat differently. But it’s usually nothing a little fine tuning won’t fix.

A most important factor of arrow penetration is structural integrity.

Also if an arrow is not flying perfectly it is wasting valuable energy which could have been used to give better penetration. So making sure that everything is flying right is of utmost importance.

Longer thinner broadheads have an advantage over shorter wider ones.  When shooting they take less energy to push them through the animal that you are aiming at.


broadhead testing

broadhead testing range

broadhead test on bones

one of the braodhead tips used

Continue on to page to to check out the test results…

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