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November 10, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Buck Fever Anyone?

Have You Ever Been Struck With Buck Fever?

What is buck fever, well it is when you experience a form of hysteria which shuts down your body and you are left either paralyzed or do really odd things like forgetting to actually put an arrow in your bow.

Some hunters are immune to buck fever. Some get it only once or twice in their hunting career. Some get it with certain species and not others.

Experience is not a cure. Anyone can get a case of buck fever at anytime. Some when you leased expect it.

A way to help getting over buck fever is to competition shoot, shooting under pressure. Humiliated if you loose and rewarded if you win.

Check out these secrets…

4 Secrets to Beating Buck Fever

Year after year, it’s that adrenaline-charged moment when a buck arrives on your bowhunting scene that keeps you coming back. Unfortunately, that same nerve-rattling moment is also the reason many of us, me included, send arrows to Neverland.

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