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August 25, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Bull Elk Takes After Hunter!

Elk Getting Back At The Hunter Lol!!

Now this is an Elk story… Something like a fish story only you see this. But the Hunters get the last laugh I guess, he is down.

When you get that close to the animal you are after anything can happen and it obviously did this time.  Next time I am sure they will take a little more care.  Animals are very unpredictable you never know.

I can just imagine his heart rate and adrenaline was pumping full speed.

Can’t say I have ever experienced anything like that in all my years of hunting or being around other hunters.

 My family owned a guide service for over 30 years and nothing like this ever happened no matter what we were hunting.

Had a grizzly ransack our hunting cabin, when he was done you could have put everything that was left in a five gallon pale, if we had been there we may have stopped it, but again you never know.  He was not a happy bear.

So I guess the lesson to be learnt is never under estimate wild animals.

hunting a bull elk

being run over by a bull elk

Watch this could have been worse…

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