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Butchering A Wild Boar!

How To Go About Butchering A Wild Boar!

Getting the Butchering of a wild boar done right.  We always cut up our own wild meat. I have never cut up a wild boar.  I have however cut up moose, deer, caribou and bear.  So am interested in checking this out.

You will need good knives, cutting boards also when we cut ours up we had bowls that held the individual cuts, so that wrapping and grinding was simple and easy to do.

We  had two cutting area’s one where it was broken down into smaller pieces and the second one where it was cut into individual portion sizes,separated and wrapped.

Grinding of the hamburger was done at the end when everything else was wrapped and most everything cleaned up so there was room to get it done in a clean sterile way.

The younger kids always did the cutting of the wrapping paper into sizes to wrap the meat.  It is great fun to include all the family.  They also get to write on the pages what is in it and the date that it was cut and wrapped.

We then save enough out to have a great feast at the end of the day.  That is the best part of the whole cutting business.  The tasting very important.

The boar meat that he is cutting up is beautiful.  It looks so good I would love to have a meal of that boar meat. He is doing a fantastic job of breaking it down into the individual cuts. I am quite enjoying this video.

butchering a wild boar

butchering a wild boar

butchering a wild boar

butchering a wild boar
butchering a wild boar

How To Butcher A Wild Boar/Hog.

Video by : TheScottReaProject



Equipment that you will be needing if you plan on cutting up your own meat whether it we wild or domestic.


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