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Butchering Your Deer!

How To Go About Butchering Your Own Game At Home!

The main advantage of butchering your own meat is that you know what you are getting. It is also a great learning experience, it teaches you another aspect of looking after your food.

You get to tell your family and friends that you looked after the entire project of filling your freezer for the winter yourself.  We butchered all our own meat.  It was a family affair.  Some of us cut it into big pieces others cut them into the smaller cuts and in the end we all wrapped and got everything ready for the freezer.  Hamburger was ground last, packaged and frozen.

Of course we keep a big feed of steak for a reward after a long day of fun work. Very gratifying but well worth the work it takes.

If you have green tomato pickle it is one of the best condiments to combine with your finished cooked meat.  It is simple fantastic.  Also another condiment that really compliments wild game is Wild Cranberry Ketchup.  It is delicious.  Getting hungry here Lol .

Very important is that you have real sharp knives, nothing worse then trying to butcher anything with a dull knife.

butchering venison

butchering venison

butchering venison

butchering venison

butchering venison

Fantastic instructions check out page 2 for the full video…

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