Bull Elk Takes After Hunter!

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August 25, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Elk Hunting New Mexico!

Fantastic Elk Hunt For Everyone!!

The area is beautiful and on top of that some huge animals are to be seen and shot.  Incredible !

There are a lot of Elk calling they are in full rut and definitely excitable.

Some of the important factors while Elk Hunting or any hunting for that matter;

  • Scout the area that you are going to hunt- one of the quickest ways it to locate the watering holes.
  • Watch the weather and wind direction
  • Scent elimination clothing, detergents and sprays are essential.
  • Be physically fit, lots of walking and packing
  • Elks have terrific hearing keep that in mind. Must be quiet and sneaky.
  • Get Close
  • Bow hunting- make sure that your shot is full broadside that is your best shot. You need to shot tight behind the shoulder and through both lungs that way the animal will not go to far.
  • Don’t go anywhere without your backpack and all your survival gear, even if you think you will only be gone a few minutes.  You never know what can happen.
  • Mostly have patience.

Elk hunt in Mexico

beautiful elk

calling the elk

Great Hunt Lots of Elk…

Continue on to the video of the hunt…

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