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October 28, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Extreme Hunting Tip’s !

Do You Bow Hunt To The Extreme ?

Nothing worse then being cold on your hunt. It makes everything so uncomfortable. The only thing that makes you feel better is when you get your game. Then the cold just seems to disappear.

Practicing is the ultimate habit to get into , it makes the chances of wounding an animal less likely. We have one of these to practice on and it helps greatly. Wouldn’t be without it. Everyone needs practice to get it right.


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Xtreme Whitetail Bowhunting

In a world where human nature is constantly seeking out the nice and easy, efficient and practical, comfortable and neat and serene, bow hunting is an anomaly. We love bow hunting because it’s so hard. You can practice and prepare and work out and set up for months, only to see it all fall apart in the moment of truth due to fractions of an inch, a split second, a small degree of angle.

And that’s just on a normal day of bow hunting. Sometimes it gets really challenging. Here are a few of those worst-case scenarios and what I’ve learned about them.

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