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Fly Fishing For Chinook!!

March 26, 2017 Comments (0) fly fishing

Fly Fishing Chinook Salmon!

Fly Fishing Chinook Salmon In British Columbia!

Fly Fishing in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  British Columbia, Canada has some of the most beautiful and famous areas to fish in.

The Skeena River and its tributaries are among the most famous.  Located central interior and west to the coast.

The fly fishing rods they are using are spey rods. Casting with one of these rods is different from your normal fly fishing rod. For some of you that may not know what spey casting is here is a great definition of the method.

Spey casting is a casting technique used in fly fishing. Spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a Spey rod.   Spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting.

Spey casting is used for fishing large rivers for salmon and large trout such as steelhead and sea troutt. Spey technique is also used in saltwater surf casting. All of these situations require the angler to cast larger flies long distances. The two-handed Spey technique allows more powerful casts and avoids obstacles on the shore by keeping most of the line in front of the angler.

The water can get a little deeper and it’s current can get fast so you need good stable boots that will help in staying stable. There are lots of dangers that you have to be aware of to keep yourself safe. Which is all part of fishing anywhere.

fly fishing for chinook

Fly fishing for chinook on the skeena

fly fishing at its best

fly fishing on the skeena

fly fishing flies for chinook

fly fishing transportation for easy access to area's

fly fishing in the wilderness

What an adventure this would be not only is the fishing fantastic but the scenery is amazing.  The water is so beautiful, clean and clear.

Check out this amazing video and the experience that the fisherman are having.


British Columbia Spring Tour – Chinook Salmon Fly Fishing

Video by: CatchMagazine

Here are some of the items that you will need for a successful fishing experience.

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Ross Flyrise Fly Reel


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