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October 17, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Full Curl Sheep !

The Ultimate Bow Hunting Trip!!

Bow Hunting for sheep provides the bow hunter with a truly significant challenge. It is both tough physically and the terrain where sheep are found is in the high country and wide open . So this takes stalking to a new level. And the sheep themselves have very good vision.

Bow hunting for sheep isn’t out of reach for everyone but you got to be committed to a difficult hunt.

Sheep hunting is mostly done through draws which can take years to get if ever. And some of the permits cost thousands of dollars.

In the US and Canada Bighorn sheep can be found in the Idaho, Washington , Montana , Wyoming as well as Alberta and Southern British Columbia.

Check out this hunt…

Bowhunting Barbary Sheep – Caza con Arco de Arrui

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