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How To Grow Cucumbers Vertically And Organic!

Growing Cucumbers Naturally and delicious!

This year I am using the method he has been using . I have always grown my cucumbers vertically but had a few issues training them to stay in the wire mesh that I use.  I am going to use the bamboo sticks that he uses.  They will grow up better.

Last year I had a hard time with the cucumbers that I grew they did not want to grow vertically. They grew across the ground and would not obey.

Needless to say my crop was not as good as the year before. So  I am changing my strategy.  We love fresh cucumbers, one of our favorite foods out of the garden.

The fish fertilizer is a great idea. I often thought of doing that but was not sure how to prevent the smell.  Lime is the secret so that will be done also for all my plants, no more commercial fertilizers for me.  Something new for this year. If for some reason you can not use real fish there are all kinds of Organic Fish Fertilizers.  They also have a fairly offensive odor, so lime will help.

getting the trellis ready for the cucumbers

getting the bed ready for the cucumbers

fertilizing the cucumbers

growing cucumbers vertically

growing cucumbers vertically


Check out how it is done….


HD How To Grow Cucumbers Vertically on a Trellis

Video by : Hollis & Nancys Homestead


Harvesting the crop.  Yummy!

You will need a good pair of garden shears.

harvesting cucumbers

HD How to Harvest Cucumbers

Video by: Hollis & Nancys Homestead


Some of the supplies that will help you along with a great cucumber crop. 🙂

YARDGARD 308361B 36 inch 50 foot 16 Gauge Welded Wire Economy Fence


Black Kow Composted Cow Manure 5 pound bag

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