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September 15, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Incredible Bow Hunting !

Bow Hunting At It’s Best !

He saw some fantastic game and some beautiful country. Couldn’t have a better more successful hunt.

Glad to know they take all the meat. When we hunt that is our top priority. Take out what you shoot. Couldn’t get better tasting meat anywhere.

Bow hunting a grizzly can be a dangerous proposition and must be considered and thought about with a lot of care. You pretty much have to get up close and personnel to make sure that you can get a good shot . Grizzly bears are ferocious and unpredictable . I would not want to tangle with one who is mad.  I have seen the damage they can do first hand.

So when hunting one of these kings of the mountains you have to take extra care and keep your wits about you.

Great video – great hunt watch it…

Bowhunting Grizzly Bear and Caribou in the Arctic – Alaska Brooks Range

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