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July 17, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Look Up !!

Climbing Into trees : For Bow Hunting

This is a story about a young man who went bow hunting in a tree stand for the first time.

His harrowing but fun experience.

Hopefully everyone will take his experience and advice to heart, if and when you decide to try tree stand bow hunting.

Advice to live by…

Climbing Tree Stands – Bow Hunting NC

As I  picked up bow hunting probably around the age of 18 or 19, I was forced to leave the ground and even venture away from ladder stands.   I made the decision that I needed my first climber.

This stand had a small seat that you used to pull yourself up with.   The stand required a lot of upper-arm strength to use and really was a bad design.
I went to my Grandmas place in Oak Grove, Alabama.    I picked myself a nice, slick , red oak.  I was very green with climbing and knew nothing about what trees to climb and how to be careful.
I went to the tree with my Bear “Whitetail 2” bow and new real tree overalls.  I was ready to hunt!
It was a nice warm afternoon in Alabama.  Bow season in Bama, is more like time to be scouting and not really so much hunting.   I don’t really know how I made it up 12 feet into the air but I did.   I was climbing and the bottom of the climber fell from my feet.   This wouldn’t be such of a problem if I had the top and bottom  tied together. So the bottom of the stand went to ground barely missing my bow at the bottom of the tree.  I was stuck hanging from the top of the stand.     So as my arms started burning,  I let go.    I did however bear hug the tree on the way down.   I guess that did slow me down enough to keep from breaking any bones as I hit the bottom.   I was badly bruised. The oak tree had rubbed all the skin off on the inside of my arms on the way down.
I can remember laying on the ground and feeling like I was dead. .  I regrouped and pulled myself together.
I was lucky!   The stand was not tied together properly.   I had not practiced at home before climbing the tree.  I could have been killed .  I still climb to this day and love it.
I do love to hunt in climbing tree stands.  I hope to be able to hunt in them till they tell me I am not able to use them due to being to old!!   Please be smarter than me  Please tie off in your climbers.   Get yourself a good climber, and let someone know where you will be hunting.  Safe hunting.


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