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March 18, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Making Your Own Treestand!

Making A Treestand For Under $25! Can You Do It?

Making your own treestand is a pretty easy project. You can make it custom to how you will like it and fit to you. This plan looks pretty sturdy and something that will last a long time.

The plans he describes are very straight forward to follow. Measure all the wood, cut all the pieces then start the assembly process. Never cut corners that will compromise the safety of your treestand.

You have to make sure that every piece is totally secure because of the location that it will be placed. Safety first they say.

They also recommend that you wear some form of safety harness.  You can make your own or buy one.  It may be a little inconvenient but it may also save your life.

Hunting from a treestand can give you a distinct advantage on spotting your game no matter what you are after. You can get great cover from being up in the trees. Another advantage is you can change locations fairly easily.

treestand treestand2 treestand3

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