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October 23, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Picking The Right Spot !

Where To Put Your Treestand !!

Placement of your treestand is the final step to your plan for your seasons hunting . You must do your scouting and all the ground work to make sure you find the ultimate spot.

There are a lot of things to think about when picking your treestand tree.  Location to food sources , water sources ,cover . Then there is the wind factor. Its not just lets put up a treestand.

Here are some real good tips to help you with the tree selection.

Check these tips out…

5 Treestand Tips for Picking the Perfect Tree

Whitetail hunters all over the country have spent months planning and prepping for this year’s deer season. Trail cameras , food plots, mineral sights established, big bucks patterned and stand sights have been selected accordingly. The last step, then, is choosing a tree to hunt from.

Selecting a tree in which to place a stand is not a simple task, and not all trees are created equal. Simply being in the right place isn’t enough to make a tree a “killing tree.”

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