January 26, 2017 Comments (0) Cooking Wild Rabbits

Rabbits Field To Fork In 12 Hours!!

Preparing Wild Rabbits From Shooting, Cleaning To Eating!!

First things first, It is a little graphic so if you have a problem with blood and guts this may not be for you.  At least at the beginning during the cleaning process.  Just sayin!!

Rabbit is super good tasting meat.  We have eaten a lot.  Haven’t had any in a while but they sure are good.  Instead of turkey for Christmas one year we stuffed and roasted three rabbits.  Oh my goodness what a treat.

Another way we have cooked rabbit is to put a breading on it and deep fried it. That makes the rabbit absolutely tender and delicious.  We liked it better then chicken.

Another way to enjoy rabbit is to cook it like they did in the video but then remove the meat from the bones, add it back into the cream sauce. They did not do this step but it is so good.  Bake fresh baking powder biscuits, pour the rabbit and sauce over and enjoy.  We have done this with  rabbits, grouse and even chicken when we were out of the wild game.

Not one to cook with wine, I use broth instead but that is just a personnel preference. A little bit of information for those of you who think the same.


rabbits being prepared to cook

rabbits cooking

rabbits cooked

Looking good…

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