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April 14, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Scouting Your Hunting Area!

Are You Scouting Your Game Ahead Of Time!

Knowing your terrain where you are going to hunt is very important to the success that you are looking for.  Starting to check out the area even before hunting season is a good idea.  You can see where the sign is and check out the best spot to put up your tree stand or have multiple stands in different areas.

You also have to figure out the wind that is in the area during the time you will be hunting. There are some great tips in this video as to how to do this.

We start about a month before the season starts so that we can get a feel for what we need to do.

Trail camera’s are a real good way to get a head start on finding the game and seeing what their movement patterns are.  You will soon know what the action is in the area.

Hiking the area, finding game trails and where they are bedding down consistently is a great advantage to placing your tree stands or blinds in the right place.

map map1 map2 map3 map4

Put this picture in because I liked it nothing nicer then watching eagles, doesn’t have much to do with scouting. Haha!

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