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Self Feeding Fire For The Outdoors!

Self Feeding Your Fire How Will It Work For You!

This self feeding fire project for your camp would work great if you were on a Hunting, fishing, or just a camping trip.  Staying in one area you could have none stop fires.  Start it once when you get there and just simple keep it feed with wood.

To start with getting it set up would probably be a little time consuming but the end result would be well worth it.  Don’t have to start a new fire every morning.

We go camping a lot and always have fires but have never attempted one like this.  We restart ours everyday. We could use this method though because we set up our camp in one location and do any moving around as day trips.

Our fire

This is ours we are the self feeders lol.

a self feeding fire

making a self feeding fire

how a self feeding fire works

a self feeding fire at night

So I’m thinking this is a one location trip.

But it would definitely give off a great amount of heat which would come into use in the colder part of the season. This year it would have been great on our last trip it was cold and rainy for most of the seven days.

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