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You Want A Bow Shot Just Like This !

February 20, 2017 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Shoot A Bow Like A Pro!

Bow Hunting Head Shot’s Bags Two Turkey’s Incredible!

Now that’s bow hunting at it’s most fun.  The shot’s were fantastic and they had a great time.

Turkey’s have incredible eyesight and wariness making bow hunting them challenging.  If they even suspect danger they leave now.  To make bow hunting for turkey’s easier you need good decoys and good ground blinds. Choose your decoys according to the birds you are hunting and area that you are in.

The ground blinds for bow hunting have to have the room to get a full draw when shooting through the front or side windows.

Now bring out the BBQ it is time to eat.  I bet they will make great meals.  Easter is on it’s way stuffed and roasted sounds pretty good too.  There are all different kinds of ways you can cook a turkey.  I watched someone deep fry on and it looked  delicious.

Here is a connection to a Turkey fryer.

Outdoor Gourmet® Deluxe Durable Propane Turkey Fryer Kit

bow hunting for turkeys

bow hunting for turkey's

Watch the shot’s they are fantastic…

2 Turkey Head Shots at the Same Time With Bows! Bowmar Bowhunting

Video by: Bowmar Bowhunting


Here is a great link to a ground blind to help improve your Hunting…

Evolved Ingenuity 1RX2S010 Hunting Doghouse Ground Blind, Camo Pattern, 60 x 60 x 66-In.

Go get those Turkey’s it’s time.

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