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October 15, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Shooting From Tree Stands !

Do You Bow Hunt From Tree Stands ?

Before you climb into your tree stand , it is important to understand the ins and outs of treestand trajectory. You have to weigh the height  of your stand against the wind and how important it is to get up high to avoid being detected.

Combined with the fact that there is more foliage from a treestand to contend with and its a vary rarely practiced shot.  Shooting at a downward angle is harder then when you are shooting from on the ground. So you have to consider  angles. When the shot is done right it is great but when it is missed by a fraction it is not fun to say the least.

No matter what you choose to do the key to accurate shooting from a treestand is to practice from a treestand. Also wear your full gear you need to have the full feel of the art of shooting at game.

How To Shoot From Elevated Stands

Back in the heyday of recurve bows, an average hunting arrow speed was 180 feet per second. This meant very arcing trajectory and very tricky shooting from a treestand. The difference in point-of-aim between a deer right below you and a deer 20 yards away was dramatic because arrow flight flattened big-time at steeper, downward angles.

By comparison, a modern archer shooting a compound bow or high-tech recurve bow has treestand trajectory by the tail. With a reasonably lightweight arrow flying more than 210fps, compensating for downward shooting angle is really no big deal. Even at very sharp angles, arrows hit only slightly above level-ground point-of-aim. Holding 1, 2, or perhaps 3 inches below normal usually does the trick inside 20 yards. The farther the distance and the steeper the shooting angle, the lower you need to aim.

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