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Smoked Deer And Beef Jerky!

Have You Smoked Or Wanted To Smoke Your Venison Or Beef?

Cutting you meat into real thin slices is one of the most important parts of making good jerky.  We always put the meat we are going to use in the freezer until it is fairly solid.  It is so much more easier to cut up and get consistent slices.  A sharp knife to is a real must.

Marinating your meat is in my mind the second most important thing you can do to get the great flavor jerky has.  Whether you are using wild game or domestic.

You can buy a premade marinade or you can make your own. We have always just made our own.  We use the spices that we like in our food along with the liquid flavoring that we like such as soy sauce, honey,and Worcestershire sauce. There are lots of dried spices that you can use.  We like Garlic, onion, cumin, cayenne pepper, chili pepper. It gives it a real nice flavor.  Brown sugar or Demerara sugar it is a darker sugar. We make a mix of what ever we feel like that particular day. You can even add hot sauces for some heat.  Again its what you like.

Once you start smoking and making your jerky you have to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t get over done.

I came across a book called ” No Fuss No Muss Facts About Butchering, Packaging and Preserving”  on amazon it has recipes and the different woods that you can use for smoking either wild or tame animals with. There are even fish marinade recipes in it. If your interested to check it out Click here





Some great recipes and advice…

Check it out on page 2…

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