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Smokey Bourbon Jerky!

Smokey Bourbon Jerky How to Make it!

This recipe is about beef as the meat that you use but this could be applied to any of your wild game.  Moose, deer, elk or even bear. I have even seen some people do goose and duck jerky.

There is nothing better then wild meat , beef isn’t so bad, but I like the wild meat done.  We have done a lot of the wild meat in our day but never done domestic.   I guess if you love jerky but don’t have access to wild meat beef is definitely the next great option.

I have eaten all different kinds of jerky, you can buy beef, turkey, chicken , pork, buffalo, and even pheasant.  We used to have a specialty shop in our town that had all kinds.  That was pretty much all they sold. Then they decided to move to a larger town and that ended that.  It was crazy busy.

So you see all you have to do is take this recipe and get the different meats and you can pretty much make any kind you want. It will do what ever kind of meat you choose.

This is just one marinade recipe there are so many different flavors out there that you could have a lot of fun experimenting.

getting set up for Jerky

mixing up the Jerky marinade

Soaking the meat to get it ready to jerky

getting the coals ready to smoke the jerky

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