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January 6, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Testing The Best Hunting Arrows!

Taking All the Different Arrows And Putting Them Through The Ropes ! Which Is The Best ?

They are testing 14 of the best arrows to see which one of them will rise to the top and be the best hunting shafts.

They will find out which one makes the perfect arrow. The manufacturers were asked to submit two sets of new for 2014 hunting arrows. All the arrows were measure and weighed.

All that is left is to see how they scored. So lets get this started.


What makes a perfect arrow? Flash-point velocity? Bone-crushing energy? Needle-like diameters? After thee days of testing today’s newest arrows to learn which deliver the best field performance, we arrived at three models—each in a different weight class—that shot beyond the rest.

Each winner delivered the highest retained kinetic energy and momentum in-class at 40 yards. Simply put: they were the most efficient shafts—maximizing the energy your bow sends downrange, regardless of draw weight.

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