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Bow Hunting vs. Gun Hunting !!

September 30, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Thanksgiving Dinner Anyone ?

Bow Hunting -First Shot Gets It Done !!

Making sure that the first shot hits the target. That is the number one purpose of a good bow hunting. Not wounding the bird or wrecking the meat. So being patient and waiting for the right shot is paramount.

There are lots of turkey calls out there so getting the right one for the right time is crucial. There is the Locator call ,Friction call , Box call and mouth call. So practice is the name of the game to get it sounding on point and learning when to use what call .

Bow hunting for turkey is a great sport.  It can also be a good starter for kids. It will get them outdoors and experience the joys of hunting. Many kids spend to little time in the outdoors so this is an easy way to introduce them to the art of shooting a bow. It also gives you quality time with your kids.

Makes a great Thanksgiving Dinner , Wild Turkey can it get any better then that?

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Turkey Anatomy and Proper Arrow Placement

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