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July 20, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

The Cold Season ! Burrr

Cold Weather Tips For Traditional Bow Hunting

Bow hunting or hunting of any kind usually ends up in the season at its coldest.

Keeping warm and preventing hypothermia is very important. Bow hunting is supposed to be a fun adventure . So we are trying to keep it that way

Here are some handy tips for you to consider …

Five Tips for Cold Weather Traditional Bow Hunting

It’s January, which, for many archers, means cold-weather hunting. Whether you’re hunting small game such as squirrel or rabbits; or you’re headed out to bag that late season buck, there are many difficulties unique to a cold weather hunt.

Here are five tips to remember before heading out:

1. Practice shooting while wearing all of your gear
All those extra layers can hinder how your aim. An unwieldy jacket could be louder than expected when you attempt to draw and could limit your range of motion. The point is, don’t make any assumptions about your gear.
2. Remember to move
From time to time, it’s a good idea to stand up and move a little while hunting in cold weather. Sitting for long periods of time will lead to tired, cold muscles. It’s also a good idea to draw your bow at least once or twice an hour .
3. Hunt the ground
A ground blind will be much warmer and you will be less exposed than in a tree that has lost all of its leaves. It’s also a good idea to look for swamps or pine thickets covered in snow – both are warmer than the surrounding area and make great bedding cover.
4. Find the food
Thick snowfall forces deer and small game into survival mode. Remember that nut-laden flat or fruit filled orchard you saw early in the season?  
5. Hunt the second rut
A doe that did not get bred earlier in the year will often reenter estrus in early to mid-December. If you find a doe in heat, identified by the droplets of red blood she leaves in the snow when she urinates, follow her.

A successful late season hunt can be cold, but it is often worth the effort. Many archers enjoy the brisk weather and the challenge of cold weather bow hunting.  It’s important to stay warm, stay safe and remember the fundamentals.

Article by : Jason D. Mills

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