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January 25, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Tips For Bow Hunting Turkeys!

Have You Been Bow Hunting For Turkeys?

Well if you have or haven’t here are some good tips on how to go bow hunting turkeys.

Shooting the turkeys with a gun is one thing trying it with a bow is quite another.  A little more of a challenge but a fun and exciting experience.

When bow hunting turkeys your set up is important because they have terrific eyesight.  They can detect you in no time and be gone. You have to pay special attention to detail on your camouflage.  The Mossy Oak Obsession pattern is a good one because it blends into the spring woods better than most of the other patterns.

And patience, you must have patience and learn to call softer, the softer the call can bring in the bird that extra few yards that you need to get a good shot.

I am sure though that you all have your special little things that you do to make your turkey hunts fun and successful. So Happy Spring Turkey hunting. Continue on to the tips and enjoy!


Tackling turkey with a bow takes a few special measures to ensure success but they are worth the effort.

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