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May 5, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Tips For Whitetail Deer Hunting!

 Deer Calls, Scents And Decoys Using Them To Your Benefit!

Here in this article are some real good tips for when you start your hunting whether it is with a bow or rifle. Bringing in the big one is the upper most thing on every ones minds.

These tips are about scents when and how to use them. Calls the same it is all different at different times of the season. Decoys where and how to put them out for the beginning of the season to the end.

All this information will give your next hunting experience an advantage. Some of this many of you already know but there are new comers to the game of hunting so they need to know some of the tips and tricks that the experienced know.  Not everyone has been hunting all their life and have people whom they can rely on to give them all this good advice,

whitetail buck in fall

The key to drawing a wary whitetail buck into bow range can often hinge on downright deceit. Calls to make grunts, bleats, and rattles can all play on a buck’s sense of hearing and his natural curiosity. Scents, which play a huge role in how deer interact with each other, as well as their environment, can also be a valuable tool. Decoys can serve to relax or agitate a buck, depending on how you want the animal to react in order to move in your direction. Use them individually, and each one of these can be just enough to entice a trophy into range; use them together in a strategy in which each plays off the other, and you have a recipe that can completely hoodwink a buck into rolling right into your setup.

Here’s how to do it.

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