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April 12, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Turkey Hunting Tips!

Turkey Hunting Tips Through One Man’s Experience!

It’s spring and turkey hunting is on its way. So we have to get prepared.

Here are some tips for those of you who are just starting and need some where to start. Everyone needs a little help sometimes to get started.

Where to find the best turkey hunting, the best locations to scout out. The times that is the best.  Then calling them is an important aspect to success. There are four calls: Locator, Friction, Box and Mouth. Some say the easiest to use is the box call.

Setting up for turkeys can be different in every area, decoys are important there are different kinds that will attract the turkeys and bring them in.







Camo is very important you have to blend in real well because turkeys have incredible eye sight and will spot you pretty quick if you are not properly dressed. Good pair of binoculars is a great advantage to.

camo camo1


There are many different varieties of camo so you can pick the one that fits your hunting needs. These are just two of the many.

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