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July 20, 2015 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Ultimate Weight !

The Best Bow Weight For Bow Hunting

When bow hunting the weight of your bow is crucial . If it is not the right weight and balanced your chance of success is greatly reduced.

All aspects have to be together for the shot to go to the right place and make the kill clean and effective. No matter what you are hunting .

Here are some good points to take into consideration …

Best Hunting Bow Weight

Bowhunting is about good arrow placement and being able to deliver enough energy-packed power into a razor-tipped arrow to penetrate deep into the vitals of your quarry or big game quest!

Back in the day when I was a boxer, my coach always emphasized how important it was to drive the punch through—all the way through!  The punches had to deliver the power that would knock down a brick wall!

Same with bowhunting: Power, energy, and force need to be delivered! In archery terms, arrows must carry kinetic energy. The more the better! The ideal situation for bowhunters is an entry wound and an exit.

In archery, there are two things that generate the kinetic power needed to deliver the knock-out punch: Speed and the mass weight of an arrow. Speed alone will not necessarily deliver the energy needed to get the job done, and a heavy arrow will not penetrate if it’s not moving fast enough. Both are crucial for optimal performance.  For example, very light arrows can be shot at high velocities but can’t carry the penetrating force needed to hammer the shot all the way through.  A heavy arrow shot even at slower speeds can still give you penetration because of the forward force of its mass.

Once again let’s look at the bowling ball; even the slowest balls knock over pins. Now let’s add speed back into the equation. Power, energy, and force! That ball had a great deal of kinetic energy!

Back to bowhunting… Like the bowling ball, a heavy arrow shot at significant speed will deliver the power-punching package a bowhunter needs .

All of it comes down to this: Power and speed are achieved several ways in bowhunting equipment, including heavier poundage for traditional bows and mechanical cams, and complex engineering of modern compound bows.

This is great… A bowhunter shooting super heavy arrows with high poundage will deliver more power and will be more successful in the field, right!?

Even when shooting modern compounds, heavy draw weights can quickly complicate a hunt! Heavier drawn compounds, even with let-off, can quickly weaken an adrenaline-charged bowhunter and give a good dose of shakes! Cold weather also has its way of draining precious energy needed to draw a bow once game walks into range.

Bottom line, you must be able to handle the weight you shoot…and be accurate with it. A balance must be achieved, and you can’t forget the winning combination that delivers effective penetration on the game you hunt.

Here’s my winning equation:  Comfortable hunting bow weight + Heavy arrow with plenty kinetic energy + Effective practice = Success

Article by : Heath Painter

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