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August 25, 2016 Comments (0) Bow Hunting

Underwater Archery!

Checking Out Underwater Archery Fun!

No we are not shooting an animal, just a balloon but it will take a little concentration on his part. On top of holding his breathe.

The bow seems to work well under the water and he seems to be having fun trying it out.

Underwater Archery is becoming a popular recreational activity today according to some reading I have done.  They are starting to have underwater tournaments and they only allow one shot per target.

In the tournaments you have to judge the distances to the target, learn the scoring rings for the various targets and develop stamina to allow you to carry your equipment steadily underwater.

Did not know that Underwater Archery was becoming a sport. It did appear that his bow was fine.

It may not be hunting, it is just plain fun.

To learn more about Underwater Archery Click Here

This video is purely for entertainment something fun and lighthearted. Don’t always have to be serious.

But for sure check out this video, short and sweet.

underwater archery

underwater archery

Continue on to the video on page 2 for a short look at archery under the water…

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