Video- Bow Hunting For Deer 2015 !

Tips For Bow Hunting Turkeys!

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Video-Cooking Mountain Lion!

A Lesson In Cooking Mountain Lion Meat!

 The colour of Mountain lion is just like pork.  It is a lighter meat. Looking mighty fine

A few years back we helped organize a wildlife banquet.  Mountain lion was on the menu.  We all took some of the donated meat, and we got the mountain lion and the wolf to cook.  The meat is all donated from the guide outfitters and the trappers. So the mix of meat is quite extensive.

While we were involved in the Guiding Association we put on six wild life banquets, one a year.  It is so much fun and tasting all the different meats was real interesting.

I might add that we marinate the meat for 24 ours.  The mountain lion tasted incredible, we were lucky to get it out of the house our kids wanted to eat it.  But the wolf on the other hand tasted pretty bad. Even with the marinating we couldn’t make it taste good.  So I don’t think I will be eating it any time soon again.

We had besides the meat we cooked there was beaver, muskrat, ducks, goose, grouse, deer, moose, elk, caribou, goat, bear, pheasant, and anything else that they could shoot or trap.

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This looks so delicious, I want some…

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